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Money MC LLC uses the Growth Strategy Matrix as the business model to market their products. Affiliate Marketing and Customer Lifetime Marketing models are primary driving factor in maintaining and creating customer relationship.

Affiliates are individuals who are looking for ways to generate additional income by offering the products and services through various methods approved by Money MC LLC, while existing customers can gain benefits/discounts by doing the same.

Affiliates and customers are compensated to refer other affiliates or customers to get enrolled in Money MC LLC’s program. Depending on the affiliate enrollment level, and making a sale, bonuses are paid to the referrer.

Retail Commissions And Product Volumes

Affiliate Enrolment Offer

What We Do As Referral Agent

Money MC LLC

What we offer to our clients as referral agents of Money MC LLC is the unique opportunity to help their existing clients succeed at building not only their own current business but also a secondary significant cash flow outside their primary business.

We offer this by providing a proven platform for attaining corporate credit & corporate funding to enhance their existing business.

Money MC LLC
Money MC LLC

With this success we increase your value to those existing clients and the ability through referrals from their success, new clients that not only want our services through you, but your existing services of tax preparation, bookkeeping, etc. as well.

As a referral agent with Money MC LLC you will separate yourself from your competition by offering a solution that they do not offer.

And as a referral agent you can create a nice secondary cash flow within your business without having to do any of the heavy lifting or time consumption. You simply can use our technology driven system to provide a referral to us and we do all the work while you receive one time and residual monthly commissions. This is a true win-win situation for you & your existing clients.

As referral agents we are entitled to significant discounts on Money MC LLC credit & funding programs for ourselves & our primary businesses.

As our clients begin to close on credit & funding packages…there are substantial opportunities for our referral agents to make lucrative one-time commissions on these packages.

Money MC LLC

And last but certainly not least…you have the opportunity to change more people’s lives by providing them a company that will get them the funding to do their business the way they’ve always dreamed of!

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Copyright 2023 Money MC LLC
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